Chicago Based Logistic Company offer Freight Management and Shipping for Commercial

TEK Logistics | Freight Shipping and Delivery Services

TEK Logistics is professional commercial freight shipping company, specializing in a variety of freight shipping and delivery services which include: Local, Regional and National logistics.

We offer complete Pick and Pack Service, for less than a load (LTL), dedicated full truckload (FTL) and  container freight management operations. 

If you wish to streamline ligistics, beyond "pick-up" and "delivery" of your freight, our cross docking services can distribute products directly to a customer or retail chain from a supplier or manufacturing plant, with marginal to no handling or storage time. We also offer "Temporary" and/or  "Long-term" Storage services, that can store container in our facility for delyed delivery.

We offer Packing and  Repacking Services, also known as "Transloading". This is a bit different than cross docking. Whereas cross-docking is the movement of an intact (unpacked) pallet (or pallets) from one truck to another, while transloading is the sorting and re-palletizing of items.

If you are seeking a local logistics, trucking company to assist you with frieght pick-up and delivery, look no further. Contact TEK Logistics for a FREE QUOTE today!