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TEK Logistics provides shipping, transporting and storage for grocery, restaurant and food service industries.  We can pick up and deliver grocery and food related freight from A to Z using our extensive logistics network of flatbed trucks, dry vans, reefers, goosenecks, and step decks.  We often deliver fresh produce and food products to grocery stores and restaurants (large franchises and small family owned).

We even offer temperature controlled shipping options for grocery and food items which are sensitive to temperature. Many of our grocery and food service deliver vehicles are equipped with mini-forklifts that allow our drivers to assist with loading and unloading of your freight. This make it easy for us to move food related goods easily for our clients. Our extensive fleet allows us to meet your grocery and food related shipping needs without fail, and certainly without delay.

Grocery, Restaurant, Food Service Logistics, Shipping, Delivery, Trucking, ChicagoWe offer complete Pick and Pack Service, for less than a load (LTL), dedicated full truckload (FTL) and  container freight management operations. We also provide cross docking services for grocery and food service logistics that can help distribute goods for our clients. This allows us to deliver directly to our clients customers. We often serve retail chains (from a supplier or manufacturing plant) delivery direct to retail stores,  Additionally, we offer "Temporary" and/or  "Long-term" Storage services, that can store container in our facility for delayed delivery.

Our fleet of grocery and food service delivery vehicles is well maintained, properly licensed with the State of Illinois and Federal Highway Administration and is perfect for transporting automotive manufacturing components and auto parts.  Beyond requirements set forth by our regulating transportation agencies, our company policy ensures goes the extra mile to ensure that our drivers and fleet maintain good standing and proper operating procedures.

Count on us for all your grocery, restaurant and food service shipping needs. We have no size restrictions. We accept single item shipments, less-than-truckload (LTL), dedicated full truckload (FTL), container freight, and more.